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Hello Mike,

I am not sure if this is the best way to contact you or not.

I am not a beginner at all.  I am a 53 year old man with Parkinson's  and I have come to use my guitar playing as my primary therapy in my Disease.  Your free videos you have provided via the your mailing list have been God Send to my therapy and playing, and I am so psyched.

I highly recommend your site to friends and anyone else that ask me about learning resources.  I was playing a small gig awhile back and someone asked "Wow where did you learn Classical Gas?"  And of course my answer was Mike Herberts :-)

Thank you for all

Robert Saunders
Hi Guys,

I don't know if you read replies to to your generated e-mails, however Mike I had been struggling with guitar for 25 years prior to finding your lessons way back when you first started off
I never had any lessons (should have when I was younger I am in my fifties like you Mike).

However you get married settle down have a couple of kids, get a loan for the family home and everything else goes on the backburner. Then BINGO one night whilst having a brouse on the internet I find this guy who is giving me free lessons on how to actually make the guitar sound okay.

Mike I have purchased most of your early stuff and really enjoyed working through the lessons I thought I will be right now. THEN UP POPS JERRY I have a Gibson SG Standard thats been in the wardrobe for 30 years  My younger brother plays pretty good electric guitar and I always wanted to give it a go. I purchased the set, bought a little Epiphone valve special amp, practised what you and Jerry put together (LOOK OUT LITTLE BROTHER STEVES ROCKIN)

Anyway guys you have given me the ability to enjoy the instrument that I fell in love with so many years ago, YOU GUYS stopped my frustration with guitar and showed me how to play and enjoy. Merry Christmas Guys looking forward to your endeavours next year.

Kind regards.

Steve Denmark

You were there at the right time, with the right song, presented in the most wonderfully "learnable" way.

You seem like such a great guy and what you've done for me and others I'm sure will stay with us forever.

I'm full of appreciation and just wanted to tell you how much you've touched my life.

John R. CA. USA


I have been playing since the age of 11 and am now almost thirty but i got stuck in a rut and stumbled across your good self on Youtube many months ago.

Since then I have passed on your site to 7 other people and they all love your teaching methods as much as me.

 You are fantastic and you helped me come up with some new material for my album i am working on.

I have picked up some excellent blues techniques and even tho I have been playing for a long time it never hurts to go back to basics and I am truly grateful for the help I have found your videos so far.

Laura S.

Hi Mike,
Thank you for your help and patience, I was able to download all the videos and am delighted.
I have enjoyed my guitar more in the past week than I have done in the past 3 years since I discovered your website.

Thank you once again and will look forward to progressing further with your excellent teaching method.
Best Regards,
Bob M. Northern Ireland.

Hi Mike,

I've only just seen your
first instructional video
and I've learned more in
20minutes than in the last
2 months.

Can you help with another
problem. I'm not little
and I'm having problems
with conventional F chords.
are there any alternatives?

Hi Mike,
I  feel I must congratulate you on your superb choice of tunes for us novices to have a go at. They seem to fit the part perfectly not to difficult and sound good to  me even on my first attempts, although I've a long way to go to play them properly.

Having tried a few tutorial  sites on the internet over the past 12 months yours is the best byfar. Your short freebies (a bit of spanish, vestapol etc.) you send out are great motivators and at 72 years of age I need all the motification I can get. But I do really enjoy trying to play the guitar, and it beats watching some of the rubbish on TV.

I hope your side of your business prooves profitable you deserve it and I wish you the best of luck for the future.
Many thanks,
Ken Harrison
Dear Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for all the great e-mails with songs to try! I am really enjoying the guitar and so is my family, listening to me play. I have a long way to go yet but i'll keep plugging along.

I have blackbird down and also tears in heaven, although it's still rough ;-)  I am still working on never going back again....I love that song and I will someday get it...but like you said the timing is really tough, I'll keep working on it!!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your help in my playing, your videos are just great!
Dear Mike,

    I am a 63 year old man who has had 3 rounds , 2 heart attacks, triple bypass
surgery and my last great adventure was lyarnx cancer I have licked all 3 of them the only thing that I have left now is a feeding tube in my stomache , that is where the guitar sits.

I just wanted to tell you I have learned more just by watching your free videos then I could learn out of any books I could of had.

Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I couldnt afford it so I found a real deal on an electric guitar and I bought it is not the best but it serves its purpose although I am on limited income thanks to you I have learned a little bit and I am getting there slow but sure.

When the feeding tube comes out I will be able to play more often.. Thanks for the videos they have been very helpful. All the videos that I have looked at on the web your videos are
the best.. My fingers do hurt but I enjoy learning. Thanks for the videos.

Ed Sharon, PA USA
Hi Mike

Just like to say your videos are great.

I've only been playing guitar for 5 months and was getting nowhere until I found your web site.

 I've down loaded the
videos and now I can actually play something!

The way you explain them step by step is so easy to follow. if I hadn't found your site I think I would of given up. Must go now as I've just downloaded another one to learn.

Thanks once again

Mark Waterfall

I think your videos are great. Thank you so much for sending them!

I've been playing guitar for 4 years, and yet, I know barely anything.

I  have a years worth of REAL experience. You've taught me more things in this year than I have learnt in the past 3 years.

Again, thank you, so much.


These instructional videos are fantastic.

I am 40 years old, I regretted that I never learnt an instrument and decided that this was something I wanted to do in my 41st year.

These instructional videos are fantastic and I just what I wanted to tell you that they have given me a flying start.

Please continue with the lesson videos, but instructional videos on learning tabs would be sensational.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


Darren Longridge


Thanks for the new pieces. They are absolutely great.

I can't believe how  much I have learned from the videos. I never thought I could actually learn
how to play the guitar!!!

I thank you for all the instruction, they have
made all the difference.

Best regards,

Hi Mike,

Just thought I would drop you a quick note...

I've been having lessons now for 4 years and slowly but surely, making progress.

I came across your website about 3 weeks ago and thought 'Oh great, another how to play guitar really quick website that says the same old, same old stuff'. Boy did I get that wrong!

I downloaded your trial Eric Clapton 'Tears In Heaven' video and was playing it end to end in about 2 hours - I was soooo happy!

I then took the plunge and purchased the Fleetwood Mac video (always loved that song!), that's taken a little longer to play fluently but I'm all over it. I ordered it Wednesday and it arrived the following Monday
- Very impressive considering I'm in Australia

Just wanted to let you know, keep up your great website!!!!!

Best Regards

Mark Rettig
Hi Mike

Just like to say thank you for the free guitar lessons.
I've just started practicing after about 10 years abstinence! Surprising how  quickly the fingers harden up after all this while. I remember when I first
started my fingers hurt for weeks.

I'm probably one of your oldest students, I am now on long term sick so this gives me plenty of time to practice.  I have arthritis in my hands and playing the guitar helps to keep the fingers mobile, with your help and the
resources available on the net it has made learning again much more  enjoyable and progress is much quicker.

It is always easier to learn if you can hear and see the way guitar is played and because of restricted finances any free stuff I can find is always very much appreciated.

Yours is the only free video lessons I've found so this is a great big THANK YOU for allowing people like me to share and learn whilst expecting nothing in return.

I look forward to your next lesson.

Kindest regards

(No Name Sent)
Hi Mike,

I am one of your older students, 44 years old.

Just like to thank you for
the videos and the inspiration I have got out of them, I had a 21 year break from guitar and have learned and gained more experience over the last few months than ever before.

Many thanks once again,

Graham Leadbetter

Near Glasgow, Scotland
Hiya Mike,

Site looks great !!!!

 Gotta tell ya, I have been playing for a number of
years, and my daughter recently wanted to start.  Well, it was just after  she took up learning that I happened across your site. 

What I really like about it is I can sit her down to follow your lead and she is learning
quickly.  Coupled with that, I have found the site an inspiration and have  improved my playing significantly .. you must be an inspiration !!!!

Thanks for a great idea and I hope the site continues to grow

John -- Canada
Dear Mike,
Thank you for the guitar lessons, they're a great boon!

Months ago I reached a plateu that rendered me unable to advance further, even with the help of and the like.

But seeing a piece played is so much more different than plain tablatures, and now i feel my guitar skills progressing again thanks to your videos.

Once again, thank you so much. You're a good guitarist and with good heart.
Dear Mike,

The lessons are going great, I really really enjoy what you are doing for not just me but the world, and to me thats a really big thing ...when you can do something for the whole world at one time.

I'm not a beginner at all and yet I still find your lessons very pleasant and at many
times very insightful, take that from a veteran of 18 years playing guitar.

To you I salute you sir keep it up!!!

Kevin Bishop

I thought I’d take the
opportunity to drop you a quick email and say . . .Thank You!

For your generosity firstly, the videos you have produced and made available for free download are fantastic.

I hadn’t played the guitar since I was at school and it was always one of those things I wanted to take up again but never did. There were always too many problems, too much expense with guitar tutors and (dare I say) too much time required for practice!

What your videos have shown is that (re)learning to
play the guitar needn’t be too difficult and can
actually be fun! (especially your comments in your
email of early February) It’s obvious that you get a
lot of enjoyment out of playing and it’s great that
the enthusiasm comes across in the videos.

Especially the beginners videos which show how great the guitar can sound with 4 basic chords and some well practiced

I understand you are running a business but I have to say you have a great way of attracting customers! I shall certainly be investing in a couple of your videos (and investing is the right word given the quality of the teaching!), it’s just a shame I missed out on the recent offer for ‘Layla’ and ‘Vincent’.
(That’ll teach me to go away and not check my emails!)

Anyway, I look forward to more great videos in the future (another Spanish piece or an extension to the existing piece would be wonderful . . . . ) and I look forward to making the first of what I hope will be many purchases in the future.

With best regards,

Chris Bulmer
Thank you for the free guitar videos... I'm a guitar teacher, always on the look out for ways to stimulate students and increase their access and enablement...

your freebies are just the job for those who can't access TAB or notation.

They think its great... I give them your web address, so its up to them from
there on. Good job.

Hi Mike,

Just a quick line to say thanks for all the hard work you've put in to make your site the best on the web.

I'm enjoying learning to play the guitar more each day,  I'm even trying to learn some of the theory and learning to read music now.
 I look forward to purchasing more great vids from you in the future.
Many thanks,
Graham Quantrill.
Hi Mike,

I would like you to know that apart from your personal talent, you have that incredible ability,
to show an intermediate player like me, something that I have searched for 20 years, how to play solo and melody simultaniously.

And you actually show how it is done in four frets, I have looked at the video twice, and I want you to know, that I have had teachers for four years and did not teach me what I have learned watching your session on my first day.

Congratulation on a great learning technique


Giuseppe De Carlo


HI Mike thanks for the lessons.

I would love to learn tab and also yes the link worked great for the other songs.

I was wondering what other songs you had available to download I would love to have some Bob Seager, Journey or Eagles to learn.

The songs that are on the site to buy are good songs but not ones that I was wanting to learn so if you have a complete list of songs I can learn I would love to have it.

I have no problem buying the lessons for these songs.

Once again let me say thanks so much for your lessons you really are a great teacher the best I have seen that is why I have no problem paying for lessons that really work.

I was blown away to see that you actually reply to the e-mails yourself that is the mark of a great teacher that cares about his students.

The lessons are easy to follow and! you go through them slow enough so we can learn.

Once again thank you so much.

Darrell Whitledge.

Chicago IL USA.

Mike Hi ya,

First thanks thanks for doing this ,I have been trying to play a
guitar for more years then I care to remember.

The blues have always held
something for me and I just want to play THE BLUES .I could never ask anybody to show me ,so I tried to learn myself .

I found out how to tune my
guitar just by watching others then I would listern to bits and parts of music and I found I could play a bit of 12 bar blues which kept me going for
years and years knowing that there is a whole lot more to be found but still cannot ask anybody how.

I dont no why but maybe its just the way Im built. I was all this time trying to play on a old classical guitar but only getting
so far ,I would drive my partner mad just play the same 12 bar riff over and over again.

Anyway I wont go on ,I'm just so pleased that I found you and
even after just a short time I have gone forward in my playing thanks to you.

.Ill stop now Im sure you have lots of things to do then just to listen  to me go on and on about my pain as a guitar player..   

Thanks again and again       Pip.45

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vital statistics

Read my own 'guitar learning' story

he exact date has long since gone from my memory but I CAN still remember how good it felt AND more importantly how unlikely the situation was.

Picture me now . . . I was 22 years old (I had hair) and had been playing guitar  for less than 18 months. (This was long before the creation of online  acoustic guitar lessons)

My fulltime job, the one that fed the twin boys we had, and kept the roof above our heads, was as a door to door insurance agent. OK so it wasn't glamourous but it paid the mortgage on the tiny house we had.

Most days I wore a cheap suit
and travelled round on a 50cc motor cycle. Visiting clients in their own homes and collecting their weekly premiums and trying (not very well in those days, I sucked) to sell them more life/car/house insurance.

The only good part about that job was meeting people in the evenings and getting to spend most of the daytime with my kids and indulging my new found passion . . . the acoustic guitar.

Can YOU remember what first got
you interested in Guitar?
I can't remember what first drew me to the guitar. I can remember the smell of the wood and the sound of the strings and the feel of the thing but not the reason I was drawn to it so completely.

I remember the first time I tried to hold down a chord. The pain was unbelievable. I remember thinking surely it can't feel like this when you play...otherwise why would anyone do it? All I needed was a few easy acoustic guitar lessons to learn

Then I started to think . . . . . this is impossible!

When I read those first books on guitar, not one of them mentioned that it actually hurt your fingers. They all made it sound so easy. 'Hold down a G chord and strum four times . . then change to a C chord and Woah... wait a minute ....THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

I admit that I am a very compulsive and driven person, but I couldn't see how I was going to get past holding down those first couple of chords. I'd bought a few books by now and had a go at some tabs, but I was getting nowhere. Couldn't play a damn song to save my life . . . but I could hold down a G chord . . . well yippidee dah!

"The Story Could Have
Ended Right There . . ."

The story could very easily have ended right there had it not been for a little coincidence.

The house next door to ours was vacant and the owner asked if I could show potential tenants round if they showed up.

I said yes and one day a guy turned up to look at the house and he had a guitar case with him. I asked him if he could play and he said yes...and took out the guitar and started turning me green with envy.

The story races on here...he moved in and we became great friends despite the fact that I was round there every night (almost every night) for the next 12 months. Paul (his real name) was very patient with me, I think because he could see how enthusiastic I was, and taught me just about everything he knew.

If he showed me something that I found too difficult then he'd show me a way round it. He would substitute easier fingering, simplified chord shapes. Sometimes we'd just change key and suddenly everything got easier.

A year later we both realised that I had more of a talent for guitar than he did but with his patience and his willingness to show me (sometimes over and over again for hours) I had learned at a pace that was breathtaking.

They were going to regret this!

So here we were about 18 months after I had first picked up a guitar, a room full of smirking wannabe 'musicians' all looking cool with long hair, torn jeans, smiling at this dude in the cheap suit who had asked to look at one of the guitars.

I had turned up at one of my usual calls and the house was full of guys who were home from college...and they had a band (well kind of a band) and were rehearsing!

'Do you play?' one of them asked. 'A bit' I replied, as another one of them passed this beaten up old acoustic guitar to me with a 'come on then smart-ass show us what you can do' look on his face.

Four guys staring with wide eyes
and even wider mouths . . .

There are some times in your life when you just feel soooo good...and this was one of those times. I'm not a 'show off' by nature but just for that few minutes I was revelling in the glory.

I casually rattled off half a dozen classic guitar pieces of the day, I still can't remember what I played that day, but

When I'd finished there was no applause. I just passed the guitar back and said 'I better get going guys..' All eyes were on me as I left the room. There was nothing else to say, I'd just let my playing do the talking.

How had I managed to get so
good in such a short time?

Well there are many ways to learn guitar but they are not all equal. Books and tabs work ok if you have the talent, time and determination. If you are human like me then there is a much better and faster way. . . . once you figure out one simple fact.

The acoustic guitar IS
a folk instrument

And what do you think is the best way to learn how to play a folk instrument? Well for the last few thousand years we've learned by...... Watching folks play it.

Yes! It IS soooooooo simple isn't it?

To this day mankind has found no better way to learn a simple instrument like the acoustic guitar, than by getting someone to show us how to do it.

That simple fact, that I had learned all those years ago, was the single reason that I started this entire venture in the first place.

Just remember I've done what you've done. I've bought the books, looked at the chord charts, tried the tabs . . . .I've suffered the frustration of thinking 'it must be me. I must just be too stupid to learn guitar'. NO

It's not YOU.
It's the idiots who produce
the books who are stupid.

Stupid to think that seeing a line of text like G  - C - D...
is going to teach you anything about making music.

Fast forward 30 years

I did eventually get quite good as a salesman. In fact I became a sales training consultant guru (whatever they're called)

I'd travelled the world, had a big house and lots of other expensive toys and one day came to my senses. I sat back, looked at all this stuff around me and thought......why?

I'd taught dozens of people to play guitar in the same way I'd learned and decided I wanted to change my life completely.

Could I teach guitar full-time, from home, on the internet?

Well the early videos I made make
me cringe a bit now.

The content is still good but the lighting, sound and image quality are from a different era. (7 years is a long time in technology terms)

Anyhow...I studied this internet thing and soon saw that the way forward was to produce loads of quality videos to give away in order to establish my credibility and the quality of what was being I did that.

The early days were spent figuring out exactly what music people like you wanted to play and then making the videos. The theory is that if you get some quality freebies from me then you might part with some cash for some of the paid content later on.

The good news is...that model works
and so here we are today doing what we do.

As I said up the page, sign up to start getting the free lessons and every now and then you'll get an email about something new that's been produced and you'll have a chance to buy it.

A percentage of people will never buy anything, and that's absolutely fine.

A percentage will want to learn the exact latest piece that's been produced and.....between the two types of subscriber.....I make a living.

Well it's been nice talking to you but....better go now.....I've got videos to get made.

Click one of the links and start getting the free stuff immediately and we'll talk again soon.

Mike Herberts

What makes Mike Herberts' different?

ost people who find me don't want to learn any  theory or boring stuff when they start playing.

And that's fine because I can have you playing tons of songs on acoustic guitar without learning any theory at all.

All you really need is someone to SHOW you where to put your fingers and talk you through the moves.

January. 2015

Dear fellow acoustic guitarist,

You can learn as much guitar as you want with no theory at all . . .

You can easily start playing all those great pieces you've always wanted to learn even if you've just started and just know a couple of chords right now

On this site we are going to give you 47 videos completely free of charge just to prove it. (No you didn't mis-read that last sentence)

It makes no difference if you've been playing 10 minutes or 10 years.

You'll soon be playing all your favourites without having to learn any of the tricky stuff like barre chords.

ou won't need to learn any big stretches or other difficult obstacles that are holding you back right now. . . because I've made these video lessons of easy-to-play-songs.

They're easy to play but still really impressive sounding and the best bit is . . . you won't have to practise for weeks on end to learn them.

People will think you've been playing for a whole lifetime but YOU'LL secretly know that you've only been playing for a few hours with me.


Just imagine what it will feel like when you can play a couple dozen well known songs all the way through.

Playing Guitar image
icture a time when YOU are playing a full repertoire of songs while other 'back bedroom twangers' are still messing around with the three chord trick and getting nowhere fast.

Imagine a time when someone says 'what can you play?' and you're able to pick up your guitar and rattle off a half dozen well known songs.

I'm going to teach you some nice easy songs to start with and you'll be instantly inspired.

So, if you're at the point where you think that your guitar might be more useful as firewood just hang on a second
before you get out the matches and turn that lovely guitar into a pile of ashes.

I don't know if these are the most important reasons that you should sign up to the site, only YOU will know that.

These are just SOME of the things we've thought of to get you playing more music and getting a LOT more pleasure from your guitar playing.

As you read through this list I'm sure you'll start to understand that THIS SITE is different and maybe THIS TIME YOU REALLY ARE GOING TO SEE SOME MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT.

Guitar Lesson Screen

1. Over-The-Shoulder-View

How one really weird idea
changed the way you learn
to play guitar.

couple of years ago I was watching the split screen shot of one of my early videos and I had this wacky idea

I thought to my self "wouldn't it be great if I could make these videos showing the
hands on-screen from the same angle that you see them in real life".

I reckoned that shooting the videos
this way would make it a lot easier and quicker for you to learn them.

I wasn't sure how my customers and subscribers would like that idea so I made a really short snippet of video in the new format and sent it out to get some feedback. Anyway to cut a long story short....everybody really liked the idea.

So all the videos made since then, have been shot in, what has become known as, Over-The-Shoulder-Vision.

This means that when you look at the video on-screen, the view you see of the fretting hand is from
the viewpoint as the player.

As you follow the on-screen action you simply move your hands and place
your fingers exactly like you see them on the screen.

This 'players eye' view is not 100% perfect yet however (especially for left handers) but it does give you a new and unique way of viewing our video guitar lessons.

I suppose I should also tell you about a really odd side effect too.

As you progress with any particular piece and can play it close to normal speed something really crazy happens.

It's hard to describe the effect but it is something like virtual reallity. You can see the piece
being played on-screen but it is almost like YOU are controlling the action. I guess it is a bit like the new games consoles (I think you know which ones I mean)

A few people told me about this strange, and very useful, side effect before I tried it and I couldn't wait to try it for myself. Within seconds I could see exactly what they meant.

So, the original experiment turned out to be a great success in more ways than one and all new material is now made this way.

The next development is to get the same 'guitarists eye view' on the righthand. This is a bit more tricky but we are near the end of the experiments and should soon have something so totally unique it will blow everybodys' mind.

Using this method definitely makes these acoustic guitar lessons....even easier to learn

Click Here to see all the FREE Acoustic Guitar Lessons
2. Video Lesson Simplification

How we make the pieces easier to play so
that more people can learn to play them.
f chord image

here is a big problem for people learning new pieces on guitar that doesn't happen with most other instruments.

I am sure you'll recognise the problem, It goes something like this:

You start learning the new piece and everthing is going fine get to the bit that is way beyond your ability.

It could be the sudden introduction of a barre chord that you may not have learned to do yet.

Or may be some enormous stretch that takes years of practise to perfect. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but whatever it is, it spoils the piece and makes it unplayable for you which is a shame.

This is not a new problem however. It is something we all encounter when we are first learning to play acoustic guitar and the good news is, with a little bit of thought and experience there is almost always a way round the tricky bits.

All the videos
you'll get from us will have had the Mike Herberts 'Work Around' treatment if there are any difficult sections.

This means you'll have a much better chance to learn the pieces ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Who knows, with any luck, we might get you to the point where the next time someone says 'what can you play', you'll be able to play them something all the way through, instead of playing the first 30 seconds of six different pieces.

You'll start to feel a lot more like a guitarist instead of just someone who messes around on guitar.

How good is that going to make you feel?

3. No Theory and Scales


Why we don't do any
theory or scales.
Guitar Scales fingering Image

re you here because you want to learn theory . . . . . or because you want to learn guitar?

There is nothing wrong with learning theory of course, if that is what you want.

The thing is, probably 99% of
people are not intending to become the next Eric Clapton. For that reason we simply don't bother trying to teach you any theory or scales.

In my opinion, the best way to get you fired up and learning fast is to show you how to play some of the pieces you've always wanted to play.

Once you've got a few great pieces under your belt, and if you really
think it will help you, then there are loads of excellent websites that will give you a deeper understanding of the
theory of music.

We just want to help you get those first 50 or 60 songs into your repertoire so that you can then decide what direction you want your playing to take.

Now, I am sure there are many people who disagree about 'staying away from theory'.

All I'm saying is, it didn't
help me in any way when I started playing and that is the reason I teach you the way I do.

One thing I know for
certain is, I have had a lot of success doing it this way. At the time of writing, the website has a total of 52,061 subscribers . . . . I hope you would like to join them, since being a subscriber gets you a ton of my videos to download, and the best bit is . . . it's completely free.

Tablature Guitar Image

4. Learning With Tablature

You can think of tablature
as a picture of your
guitar fretboard.

ablature is a very important element in your future success as a guitarist and we have a couple of great tools that we use to help you progress.

You can think of tablature as a picture of your guitar fretboard.

It shows
the six strings as if you were looking at them whilst holding the guitar. (If you're right handed)

If you hold your guitar in playing position and then lean forward and look down you'll understand how tablature (tab or tabs for short) works.

So looking at a tab we'll see the thinnest string (1st of high 'E' string) at the top, and then the other strings get thicker (and sound lower) as we look down, until we get to the thickest string (the 6th or low 'E' string)

If we were to see a number 1 shown on the top string (High 'E') this means 'play/pick/pluck' the thinnest string whilst fretting it (pressing your finger on it) just behind the first fret

If we then saw a number 2 on the 2nd string, that means 'play/pick/pluck' the second string whilst fretting just behind the second fret.

So what we have here is a literal view of the fretboard and a system that tells you exactly which strings to hit and which fret to hold down.

This is much easier than having to read music and means you can learn much more quickly.

For most of the videos we make, we will supply a tab. Even better than that, we also supply some free software that will actually 'play' the tab right in front of your eyes.

You just install the free software and open the tab file we supply
and you can see and listen to the piece being played.

As if that wasn't good enough, you can also slow down a section. You can highlight, and have a section repeat.
You can play the same measure over and over again at slow speed until the way to play it is memorised to perfection.

Using this software (it's called TefView if you were wondering) along with the video lesson increases your ability to learn new pieces at an astonishing rate.

Tefview is so well used around the world that you can also search online and find 1,000's and 1,000's of .tef files of other guitar pieces that you might want to learn.

Oh I almost forgot: We'll also give you a printable version of the tab so you can learn anywhere, not just while sitting in front of your computer screen.

Just print off the song and put it in
your guitar case so that you can take it wherever you go for that sneaky little 10 minute practise session.

5. Free LifeTime Access

Computers are not perfect and

neither are we human beings.
metronome image
or any video you download from the site, and that includes any free ones as well as ones you've bought, we'll give you lifetime access.

That means that you don't have to worry about ever losing a video. If your computer goes up in smoke or you get a new one and can't transfer you files, getting them again is very simple.

You just drop us an email (or give us a call) and we'll
simply send you the download page again.

That's it. Nothing to it really is there. So in our case, lifetime access means just that.

You'll never have to worry about
backing up our stuff (can't vouch for anything else on your computer though)

6. Great Song Collection

We'll bring you the best
(in our opinion) range
of songs we know.

Favourite Acoustic Songs Image
ou won't find any electric/ metal/ thrash/ shredding type of music here I'm afraid. If that's what you're looking for there are 1,000's of websites you could try.

Nor do we have any Flamenco at the moment, so you'll need to look elsewhere for that.

To categorise the kind of offerings we have I would use headings like:

Fingerstyle Blues, Singer Songwriter, Original Ragtime, Country Blues, Folk Rock Standards, Fingerpicking.

For the beginner we have a whole range of material. The first 6 or 7 videos in the free subscribers are for the absolute beginner.

We'll cover tuning up first and then show you how to hold down the simplest of chords, some with just one or two

We'll show you how to get some music out of your guitar within the first five minutes (yes really, that's all it takes)

As you progress then you'll see we have a video set aimed directly at total beginners'.

Using the basic tricks we taught you in the
first few free videos we'll show you how to use those and build up a repertoire of 20 well known songs.

This is a very quick way
of gettting you a useful repertoire in the time it usually takes beginners to learn their first few 'exercises' (Reminder: We don't do ANY exercises)

Intermediate guitarists will find a ton of old favourites here as we have some of the greatest acoustic pieces ever recorded.

We have lessons to learn pieces by:

 The Beatles, John Denver,
James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Simon and Garfunkel, Ralph McTell, Donovan, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Arlo Guthrie, Buddy Holly, Robert Johnson, Skip James, Blind Blake, Greenday, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Michael Chapman, John Fahey, Bryan Adams, Dion, The Eagles, Queen, Neil Diamond,  Roxy Music, Sammi Smith, The Byrds, The Kinks, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney.

We have many basic beginners pieces using techniques like strumming, fingerpicking, flatpicking, fingerstyle instrumental.

Experienced guitarists will find plenty of material to challenge them too.

We have some pretty complex pieces that take a long time
to even figure out (never mind play). To save you all the drudgery, we've done all that figuring out for you so that you can pick up even quite complex pieces in half the time it used to take.

chimp guitarist laughing image

7. Relaxed Teaching Style

What about the
teaching style?

Mike and Jerry are two very experienced teachers.

e have no need of ego. We don't need to show off, making you feel
inadequate with your playing. We are just straight talking guys.

We'll go through the pieces slowly and you'll get plenty of repetitions if the piece needs it. We won't get technical and we won't assume that an 'easy' section is easy for you.

We'll talk more in terms of "put this finger here and that finger there" rather
than saying "hold an F#maj7 2nd position whilst playing a 6 string arpeggio" because we know most people won't have a clue what that means (including me says Mike)

8. You Can Reach Us

The best result for us,
is if you learn the
pieces really well.

email phone

If you need help, (and most days we regret this offer) we'll help.

are several ways to get in touch with us. Email, telephone, the blog, the forum and now, I've placed one of those message boxes on the home page where you can type in a message and it pops up on our computers.

This is the only 100% guaranteed way to get in touch
apart from picking up the phone. (The phone number is up there too)

What we're saying guys and gals, is that we don't hide ourselves away. We will answer your questions, we will talk to you if you call. I'm not sure we'll be able to do this for ever as the site grows, but anyway we ARE able to do it at the moment. D'ya wanna test us?

guitar salesman
9. We're Not Just
After Your Money

The most important thing
for us is not, as you might think, that we extract money from you.

t is that you actually learn and enjoy
the pieces. We want you to be so 'knocked out' at your progress that you'll just keep coming back again and again.

That would be a real result for you because you'd obviously be benefitting from our stuff and it would be a result for us to have been a part of your progress, and it's likely that you'll not only buy something in the future, but you'll recommend the site to other people.

10. What we Won't Do

These are no-no's to us.
fingers image
e will treat the storage space on your hard drive with the same respect that YOU do.

We won't fill up your hard drive with useless 100,000 chord ebooks or any other nasty little public domain guitar learning ebooks.

We won't ever offer you other 'guitar related' products from affiliate sites. Truth is, we don't know of anything else available on the net that would be of any great use to you.

We won't send you pointless emails just for the sake of it.

Everything we send by email will be relevent and of great value to you
in your quest to become an accomplished guitarist.

We won't be offering you any expensive courses.

We don't do any courses because that will almost certainly involve teaching you
theory, and we don't do that remember.

Oh did I say? We don't do theory.

maple acoustic guitar image
11. We Don't Just Say It
We Prove It.
You'll be getting NOT LESS THAN 50 FREE Video Lessons.
(No Obligation)

he only way we know to convince you that this is the right place to be is to prove it to you by letting you experience it for yourself, for FREE, and then hope that you'll come back and maybe spend some money one day.

So, if you want to finally start playing real actual music instead of just chords.

If you keep getting so far through a piece and then hit a brick wall when the tricky bit shows up.

If you're sick with disappointment when your latest purchase turns out to be garbage yet the video above.

Click one of the links on this page and start getting something that is really going to help. And best of all . . it's FREE

Grab your FREE Acoustic Guitar Lessons and start making some great music with your guitar.

6 string videos

Mike Herberts
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