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Simon & Garfunkel Collection
I honestly don't know what to say about this set other than....where would we all be without them?

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Chordaoke. It's Brand New. It's VERY Different (Some have been calling it genius)

Put simply, it's the easiest way ever seen to get the most fun out of your guuitar with the least knowledge. Mind you, even 'old hands' will find it is the most fun too.
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Discontinued Video Sets
These are the earliest videos I made. Not as good resolution as 'todays' videos but a shame to completely discontinue them (according to YOU) so I'm making them available here at a 'knockdown' price so that you can decide.

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8 Beatles Acoustic Classics

The 'Lads from Liverpool' were no strangers to the acoustic guitar as this set shows.

Their tight harmonies and powerful songwriting combined with the acoustic guitar are a lasting testament to their genius....
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Great Songs From The 1950's
I'm inviting you back to the 50's when life was simple, prices were low, music was great, rock and roll was the only thing worth listening to and you listened to it on big old 'records' (at 33 and a 3rd)

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Bob Dylan Classics
Took us by surprise too this set. You clamoured for thanks.

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20 'Easy to Play' Rock and Roll Classics
Attention all you Rock n Roll fans. Now you can play all your favourites with this REALLY REALLY REALLY EASY set of 20 Rock n Roll Songs.
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easy rock and roll songs

20 Strumming Only Repertoire Songs
A great Repertoire Collection featuring guitar lessons for those who would like a big repertoire that can be learned just by strumming. Includes Videos, Tabs, 'Playalong' Pages.
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5 Advanced Instrumentals
Not for beginners. If you've progressed with your guitar playing, particularly fingerstyle playing then this is the next step for you.
Each piece will give you slightly different challenges and give you the push you need to advance.

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advanced fingerstyle

40 Extremely Simple Repertoire Songs......
. . . . using only the very simple chords that I show you in the first few of my Giveaway Video Downloads.
This means that ANYONE of ANY Ability can have a great repertoire. Deliberately kept simple
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8 'Open D' pieces for acoustic guitar
More than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to tune a guitar. Not many ways to learn this style but here is your chance to skip years of learning.....

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Fingerstyle Course
If you are new to guitar then start off with 
Modules 1&2
We launched these with the intention of having 10 modules. We put out the first 2 as a buy-one-get-one-free offer and never got round to changing it so there is a bargain to be had here.
The first 2 modules are aimed at complete beginner's and the sets get gradually more difficult.
For intermediate or more advanced guitarists, you'll find a wealth of new material that you'll be able to add to your repertoire at double quick speed. 
Modules 3&4
Modules 5&6
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4 Eric Clapton Songs on Video
Not much to say about Eric Clapton. One of the best guitarists ever and here are 4 of his all time greatest pieces for you to learn......

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Blues/Solo Lead Guitar Without Theory

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Country Music Collection
Get yourself a great Country Music Repertoire with this set of 21 Lesson Videos - Playthru Videos - Songsheets

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Robert Johnson Classics Lesson Downloads
Eric Clapton said that Robert Johnson was the greatest contribution to blues music ever. I agree . . . I'm sure you will too. Learn this set of all time greats and you'll open up a whole new world of guitar
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7 Don Mclean classics

Don McLean's greatest pieces taught exactly as he played them.

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don mclean

Classical Guitar Pieces on DVD.
17 Classical Guitar pieces for you to learn. The pieces range from absolute beginner to moderately skillful. These are taught using a normal steel strung guitar to demonstrate that you don't need a Nylon Strung Classical Guitar to play these pieces. They are aimed at the player who simply wants to add Classical Pieces to their existing Repertoire.

classical guitar lessons

Show Tunes (kind of) Read More
We've been asked hundreds of times for some 'old time' instrumental picking pieces. When I say 'old time' I mean 30's and 40's movie themes. Stuff like Cole Porter, Gershwin etc.

These are not EXACTLY that...but...well you'll see CLICK HERE

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Early Beatles Collection.

9 of their early hits (one is an instant giveaway actually on the page) 7 of these pieces have two videos. One showing what George Harrison played and one showing John Lennon's part.

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Includes a FREE TRACK on the info page

Another New Release. Intermediate Strumming Songs

These are for those folks who have learned the main chords on guitar. A really interesting collection of 21 intermediate, 'strumming only' songs

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The James Taylor Collection
Anyone of a 'Certain Age' who plays acoustic guitar will have dreamed of playing songs by James Taylor.
Now is your opportunity to study his songs in detail. Here is a collection of 7 of his greatest songs

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5 Songs by Donovan
It is impossible to over estimate the influence of Donovan on modern acoustic guitar songwriting. He was one of the pioneers of the genre of the wandering minstrel. You can learn to play 5 of his all time best songs......

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5 Beatles Guitar Songs to Learn on Video
These are some of the earliest videos Mike ever made. Not as good as the newer stuff but a quirky & fun set of videos.

5 Great songs to learn from the Fab Four. The 'Lads from Liverpool' gave us amateur guitarists a musical legacy. We know that we can't go far wrong if we have a few Beatles tunes in the repertoire . . .

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Folk Song Collection

The quick way to learn 21 Favourite Folk Songs. Great for singers...and non-singers with talented friends.

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Neil Young Collection
Neil Young is widely regarded as one of the most influential singer songwriters of his generation. The best we can hope is that these songs give you a flavour of his genius.

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Flamenco Guitar Collection
Mastering these relatively simple Spanish pieces will be a great achievement in its own right and will give you a firm foundation in some of the exciting styles used by Spanish and Flamenco players.

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spanish flamenco guitar

Elvis Collection

This set was the biggest surprise of the year when we launched it. It outsold tons of other sets....erm...we think it may be to do with the might wanna take a look.

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