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The real reason for using tabs (or tablature) instead of musical notation when learning guitar is that, unlike with a piano say, there is always more than one position on the guitar fretboard where a note can be played.

If you tried to learn guitar using music you would quite frankly be wasting your time.

The big benefit with tabs is that you can see quite clearly which fret to hold and which string to play.

There are also lots of symbols to indicate whether your need to slide, hammer on, pull off, add vibrato, mute etc etc.

The downside is that there is rarely any indication of the timing of a piece, so tabs DO have their restrictions. They are though nonetheless the best way to learn guitar.

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This little video shows how tab pieces are built up using the various strings and frets. It is obviously not a comprehensive guide to tabs but will certainly get you through the basics.

Once you have been using tabs for a while you'll soon get a feel for what the piece should be played like. One of the secrets is to figure out which chords are being used as this gives you a massive advantage.

The video above shows a little trick where you can look only at the bass notes and, without too much difficulty, you should be able to figure out which chords are being used.

Once you know how to read guitar tabs you will notice a big difference in your playing.

Good luck and keep at it.

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don't need to know How to read guitar tabs

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