This is our SITE RECYCLING department.

The video below explains it all

Welcome to my re-cycling department.

As I was about to throw out a bunch of ruined discs a while ago I started to think about how we could re-cycle them instead of sending them off to 'landfill'

Someone asked me what was wrong with the reply was...NOTHING......but I can't sell them because of the labels.

Well . . . .when we label these discs we sometimes get it wrong. Because they are done by hand, the disc is first put on a spindle then the sticky label goes on....and that's where all the trouble starts.

Mislabelling reason 1.
About every 30 discs or so you start to lose concentration and before you know it...oops...creased label. By the time you've pulled it off. . .  the label rips, bits get left on the disc, or you try to put another label on and well...let's just say it gets a bit messy.

Mislabelling reason 2.
Because we are working so quickly, just me and my son Nick normally, we sometimes just 'lose it'. What do I mean?....well one time I was just putting on the 20th label when I spotted.....yes....I'd put the wrong labels on.
So what do I do? Throw them away? Sell them at a reduced price but with the wrong label?

Mislabelling reason 3.
I once spent several days labelling up a big batch of discs in my studio. About 2 days later I noticed all the labels starting to peel and curl up at the edges. Aaaarggghh. What's wrong with the labels? Well, as it turned out the labels were was the discs that were the problem. The discs had burned ok and played fine but there must have been some kind of coating on them that meant the labels just wouldn't stick. This was a very big batch of discs . . . . much bigger than normal (Murphys law)

Mislabelling reason 4.
This isn't even mislabelling really. It's just that from time to time we update things and some of the old labels I made when the site first started just....don't look very nice. You'll spot them. Remember there is nothing wrong with the DVD's themselves...just the labels.

And that's it. My loss is your gain. This is your chance (so long as you are not fussy about the packaging) to grab my DVD's at a greatly reduced price.

So from now on if we get any mislabelled discs we
don't throw them away any more....we just put
them for sale here at a reduced price.

Please note that there will be times when certain DVD's are not available from here

Open Tuning Classics
Complete lessons
including tabs, both hands etc
$30 (£18.00 approx)
You Save 40%
 19   11
 7 available at the moment

Dvd Info.

8 Acoustic Classics
Complete lessons
including tabs, both hands etc

$30 (£18.00 approx) You Save 62%
available at the moment   
Dvd Info.

Classical Gas
Complete lessons
including tabs, both hands etc

$15(£9.00 approx)
You Save 20%
 5 available at the moment
Dvd Info.

3 Robert Johnson Classics
Complete lessons
including tabs, both hands etc

$15 (9.00 approx)
You Save 50%
8 available at the moment 

Dvd Info.

20 'Strumming Only' songs
Complete lessons
including songs sheets, both hands etc

$30 (£18.00 approx) You Save 62%
 56  13
3 available at the moment 

Dvd Info.

L@@K Mega
Bulk Buy
All 5 DVD's

You Save
This offer IS available
at this time

DVD'S are formatted to the correct region you ordered from.
The Small Print:
All the DVD's offered here are guaranteed to play perfectly and still include the tabs/tefs/playalong pages (as applicable).

All prices include free shipping to anywhere.

It is only the labels that may be faulty/torn/non-existent/incorrect.
There is a full money back/replacement guarantee on any fault.

If the purchase option for the DVD of your choice is visible, then the DVD is still available. I will remove the purchase options as each DVD is sold out. I expect these DVD's to all be sold before the next weekend is over. Act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Mike Herberts | Proprietor 2011 | 6-String-Videos.Com

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