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"So the next time someone says.....
'will you play us something' . . .
you can come up with . . ."

'Mike Herberts'
 Impromptu Repertoire - Acoustic Classics

 . . . . . if you play this little set you'll have them eating out of your hand.

I picked these pieces because over the many years I've been playing, these are the pieces that people ask for most often. I know that it depends on the audience and to a certain degree on your age but I promise, regardless of the audience, if you play this little set you'll have them eating out of your hand.

So the next time someone says.....'will you play us something' . . . you can come up with . . .

'You've Got A Friend' - James Taylor

In the key of 'G' no barre chords and simple picking patterns

'Kathys Song'  - Simon and Garfunkel
Typical Paul Simon picking pattern with no difficult chords or chord changes

'Here comes the Sun'  - Beatles

For the slightly more advanced player. No hard chords but a couple of tricky changes

'Redemption Song'  - Bob Marley

All strummed and played with a flat pick. Classic strumming pattern in this one so a good one to have 'In the bag'

'Alices Restaurant'  - Arlo Guthrie

Fingerstyle ragtime/blues picking pattern and chord structure

'Every Breath You Take' - Sting/Police

Instantly recognisable riff and a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic

'The Boxer'  - Simon and Garfunkel

Everybody knows this one. A combination of typical Paul Simon picking patterns and some strumming.

'When you've got a good friend' - Robert Johnson
Nothing to say here. This is THE definitive Fingerstyle Blues. Learn this and a whole world of playing is suddenly opened up to you.

'Happy Christmas War is Over' - John Lennon
Arguably the best Christmas Song Ever.

So If you would like to be able to 'knock 'em out' next time someone asks you to play....get your fingers round this lot.

As usual the DVD comes with a support site giving you the tabs and Tefview Files so that you can learn every single note and move of these popular pieces.

Super Close-Up High Quality
Guitar Tuition Videos . . on DVD

The biggest problem with running a video venture online, is the restriction on file size for downloading. I mean I COULD  make the downloads in high resolution video but a typical file size is 1.5 gb.

This would give a download time long enough for you to drive into town, buy the weeks groceries, have a haircut, get your car serviced and watch a football match before you'd even need to think about watching your new purchase.

So, how to overcome the problem?

DVD. I'm producing a series of DVD's which you can order for direct delivery to your home. Play them on a computer or on your TV/DVD player. So now you can practise away from the computer and enjoy these videos  on the Screen of your TV.

Lots of people have asked me how to convert their  downloads into DVD format so that they can be viewed on a normal tv. This can be done but you'd still only be watching the same quality video as the download.

Look at the example below to see what I mean.

So you can see the difference we're talkng about here.
Impromptu Repertoire

8 Favourites to 'Knock 'em Dead' with

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"Never Again Will You Be Stuck
For Something To Play  . . "

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