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Here are my favourite sites to help you
in your quest for guitar excellence.

One of My Favourites is this site with tons of information on making, looking after and repairing your treasured instrument.

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Dreamtone Guitars
This site belongs to one of my customers Peter Wacker who is importing guitars and selling them on at, what look to be, really keen prices. Give him a look and tell him I sent Ya.

Martin Guitars
I must confess to having a soft spot for Martin Guitars. When I was a kid the dream was to own a Martin.
This is a great website as well as a great manufacturer

Build an Acoustic Martin Guitar
If you've ever fancied building your own guitar from a kit then this is the place to find out what's involved. I just love this stuff.

Collings Guitars
Many of you will know that I had the opportunity to play a Collings Guitar recently. I had never heard the name before so was taken completely by suprise when I played this guitar and suddenly the whole room was filled with music. Well now I want one. If you've ever played one then I guess you want one too.

Elixir Guitar Strings
Have you ever tried Elixir Strings. Bought my first set recently and they are EXPENSIVE. Made in the US, they are coated and reputed to last three to five times longer than conventional strings. I don't know if that is true yet but the theory sounds great.

Home Recording
Home recording is a natural step for any guitarist. This is probably the best place to start from if you want to learn the best way to get youself recorded. Home recording is great fun and combined with video is a great way to improve your playing.

Learn & Play Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons Online

Get a Tame Drummer
I love this program. You can be playing alone and in complete control of your very own 'Tame' Drummer.
I don't really know why this enhances guitar playing so much but it really does.

Dolphinstreet - Guitars - lessons - videos - amps - pedals
Here's a really useful site for guitarists of all levels. Lots of tips and assorted videos/lessons and a forum too. Run by guitarist Robert Renman, lots to see and do related to learning guitar.
Tell them I sent 'ya.

Guitar Buyers Guide
Buying your first guitar is a very exciting thing to do. It's even more exciting if you have an idea what to look for. This British site has a quick guide for the newer guitarist looking to make that first purchase.

How To Read Guitar Tablature
Tabs are the universal language of the guitarist. On their own they are at best challenging but combined with other learning methods such as (dare I say it) video tuition, they are absolutely invaluable. Trouble is, it's a bit like learning a completely new language. This guide will reveal the basics of how Guitar Tabs are used.

Guitar Books, Music Books, Tab Books,DVD's, Guitar Videos.
If it's been printed it'll be here.

Guitar Music - How to Play Guitar Music & Guitar Songs
GuitarVision is the revolutionary new way to learn how to play your favorite guitar songs and guitar music faster than ever before!

Guitar Rosettes, Abalone and MOP Dots and Strips
One of my subscriber/customers and a specialist site for all things 'luthier' specialising in rosettes, abalone dots etc.

Other Music Tuition Sites

Now you can learn to play Any Song on the Piano quickly and easily
using Tried and Proven Pro Techniques

Other interesting guitar based sites.

A moosik shop from up 't North in Oldham. I'll be visit them soon as they come highly recommended...apparently they are and I'm quoting 'A friendly bunch'

One of the most respected and oldest music shops in the country.




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simple guitar tabs

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