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'Fire and Rain' - James Taylor

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"Fire and Rain" by James Taylor.

This is our first release of a series called "As Played By"

The video lesson shows 'exactly ' how the piece is played by the original artist (In this case James Taylor)
PLUS we give you another version which is easier and will get you started if you are not ready for the full piece yet. So you get 2 videos and 2 lots of tabs and tef files all in the same package.

Taylor wrote this in 1968 at 3 different times. He started it in London, where he auditioned for The Beatles' Apple Records. He later worked on it in a Manhattan Hospital, and finished it while in drug rehab at The Austin Riggs Center in Massachusetts.

This is about the high and low points of Taylor's life. He was only 20 when he wrote this, but was battling depression and drug addiction.

This was Taylor's second single and his first to chart. His first single was "Sweet Baby James."

The stark lyrics about Taylor's depression stand out on Sweet Baby James, which contains mostly lighter, uplifting songs.

The first verse is Taylor's reaction to the death of a friend. The second verse is about arriving in America and struggling with depression, the third is about his stay at the rehab center.

The line "Flying machines in pieces on the ground" is a reference to a band Taylor was in called The Flying Machine, which broke up due to his drug problems.

This was one of the first big singer-songwriter hits of the early '70s. Before this, most hits were either written by one person and performed by another, or written and performed by a group like The Beatles or Rolling Stones. Artists like Carly Simon, Billy Joel and Elton John followed the trend of writing and performing their own songs.

Taylor has never revealed the identity of Suzanne, the woman he sings about in this.

This is a deeply personal song. Taylor was surprised to find out so many people were interested in his life.

It was falsely rumored that this is about the death of Taylor's girlfriend in a plane crash. The story was that Taylor separated from his girlfriend (Suzanne) to go on tour, but when his friends arranged to fly her to see James, she died in a plane crash (flying machines in pieces on the ground). The story is not true.

Source songfacts.com

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