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Fleetwood Mac Never Going Back Again

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P.S. If your skeptical inner voice is saying "Why should I part with cash for these video lessons when others I've tried simply haven't worked?" then I urge you to ignore the inner voice, buy the video, try it FOR 56 DAYS (two months) and if you're not happy just email me and ask for your money back. I will give you an instant refund. Period. No Need To Even Think About It Really Is There?

The ability to play this tune has eluded many people because of it's unusual tuning and style. A fantastic 'Technical sounding' piece from the very famous 'Rumours' Album, which needs some study to master and make sound original.

I use and reveal the 'Original' tuning as on the Album. This is one of those Fleetwood Mac songs that has eluded guitarists for a long time. The trick is in the tuning and the use of the capo.

A very impressive tune when mastered, Never going back again is a 'must learn' piece for most discerning acoustic guitarists.

On a personal note, This is the kind of music that the acoustic guitar was made for. Anyone who plays reacts when they first hear this tune because it seems to have so many different influences and elements in it. It is melodic and rhythmic and has a ragtime bounce to it. A great tune for acoustic guitar.

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