Dear (blues) Guitarist Friend,

Robert Johnson is arguably the greatest blues guitar player of all time. (I think Clapton said something similar).

If you've ever experienced that strange feeling of getting 'inside' his music and 'feeling' it in the way Johnson himself must have done, then I'm sure you can relate to what I mean.

So much has been written about his genius that it would be futile of me to try adding anything.

This is your chance to re-create the kind of sounds that Robert Johnson made all those years ago with his guitar.

What Do You Get that is going to help you bring about this great musical feat?

Each of the three Song Lessons comes as:

Video download of the lesson covering all parts of the song. These are proper lessons....not just a quick playthrough. I explain each part in detail for you

Complete with the tabs to print off so that you can keep at it even when you're not in front of the computer.

 tef©files. These are the tabs made into a tef file which can be 'played' on your computer. You can listen to the piece through, watch the tabs on-screen, slow down sections, repeat sections (You'll also get the FREE tefview software included on the download page)

Combining the learning tools in this way means that you'll master these unusual techniques much more easily and quickly than if you tried to figure them out yourself.

It is close to having me there in the room with you except that on video I never get bored or distracted. You can watch any section over and over and over until you have mastered the full piece.

This will give you an amazing blues repertoire and make you the envy of your fellow guitarists.

Malted Milk.

Many a fallen music star can blame the Malted Milk for their demise. Johnson tries to make sense of the booze with this one. It is an unusual piece as it contains one of the very few 'instrumental lead breaks' that Johnson ever performed.

It has a quite distinctive rythmic form compared with many other Robert Johnson Blues pieces and is a great favourite.

When you've got a good friend.

This is in the key of 'E' and is as straight forward a 12 bar blues as you can imagine.

If this song had been composed and performed by anyone other than Robert Johson it would seem to be quite ordinary. The way Johnson treated it makes it a really exciting piece to learn as it forms the basis of many thousands of similar blues guitar pieces.

Once you can play this one....a whole world of playing opens up for you.

Kind hearted woman blues:

This was the first song that Johnson recorded, and it was carefully crafted in imitation of recent hit records.

It was composed as if in answer to "Cruel Hearted Woman Blues" by Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton), which in turn was based on "Mean Mistreater Mama" by Leroy Carr accompanied by Scrapper Blackwell. Johnson uses the Carr melody and conveys something of Carr's style in his relaxed singing. His guitar accompaniment echoes Carr's piano phrases in the first verse, then copies Blackwell's guitar phrases in the second verse. He then adds a musical bridge in the style of another hit record, "Milk Cow Blues" by Kokomo Arnold.

At the end of the bridge, he jumps into a higher register as Arnold does, but then maintains an extraordinary controlled falsetto, which may have been based on the singing of Joe Pullum. Thus Johnson showed in his very first recording that he had mastered the commercially successful urban blues style of the Thirties. However, his debut cannot be dismissed as derivative. He combined elements of the styles of others into a highly individual style of his own

Like Bumble Bee Slim, Johnson wrote lyrics consisting mostly of conventional twelve-bar three-line verses, but varied with an eight-bar bridge. Slim's bridge merely repeated the words, but Johnson wrote a more complex sequence.

Source: wikipedia

How Much?

Well . . . as hard as it is to put a price on your ability to be able to play these great pieces . . .  I've made these as affordable as possible.

Certainly they are cheaper than a teacher, even assuming you could find a teacher willing and /or able to teach you these songs.

Bottom line is, if you are really serious about being able to play this incredible Robert Johnson style I've done my bit to help you by offering the set of three at a greatly reduced price.

If you bought these from me one-by-one it would come to 3 X $9.97 = $29.91 (which is in itself peanuts) well I'm going to knock a big chunk off and let you have all three of these very comprehensive learning tools for a measly . . . . .   $29.91    $24.97

  $ 15

YES Mike.....
I want to be able to play just like Robert Johnson without having to spend years picking up his amazing techniques . . . Sooooo
I'll take the 3 videos for $15

You'll be taken to the download page on completion and can then download the videos and tabs at your leisure . . . you have lifetime access to the downloads.

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